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HashCalc 2.02
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HashCalc 2.02

Publisher:SlavaSoft Inc.
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Publisher's Description:

HashCalc - Free calculator to compute multiple hashes, checksums and HMACs for files, text and hex strings. It allows to calculate hash (message digest), checksum and HMAC values based on the most popular algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (SHA256, SHA384, SHA512), RIPEMD160, PANAMA, TIGER, CRC32, ADLER32, and the hash used in eDonkey (eDonkey2000,ed2k) and eMule tools. It supports 3 input data formats: file, text string and hexadecimal string. It is a very fast, easy to use and to install application. It works with large size files, supports file drag-and-drop functionality. HashCalc generates hash, check sum, and HMAC for files of any type which makes it a valuable utility to test for corruption your FTP and other download/upload transfers. With this tool you can quickly compare music, audio, sound, video, film, game, image, icon, document and other files, verify CD and hard drive files, perform checking of your .mp3, .mpeg, .mpg, .avi, .vcd, .iso, .zip, .gif, .jpg, .doc and other downloads.

List of Changes:

Version 2.02 from 2007-03-06


Quick hash, checksum, and HMAC calculator.

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File Size: 468 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Todm 2011-06-30 18:57:17 #
Version: 2.02

I downloaded this only for the purposes of checking an md5 and it did it well

Berny Vandermolen 2011-02-07 17:43:01 #
Version: 2.02

I like this tool. I just wish it had SHA-224 but it has four other SHA algorithms. The reason I mention SHA-224 is because it is listed as one of the five approved algorithms in FIPS-180-3.

Ankitloud 2010-12-10 12:01:53 #
Version: 2.02

it is a very good tool, but one thing is missing from my point is whatever checksum is coming then one more option should be there so that we can check the checksum with the desired check sum for verification. Basically need one area where you can verify your checksum with the desired one.

Lonewolf 11 2010-12-08 12:57:20 #
Version: 2.02

I found this product exceptionally easy to install and use.. I have been using it in classrooms to show students the concept of Hashing.. Would highly recommend it to anyone

Istipkovits 2010-12-06 02:34:54 #
Version: 2.02

The software is working fine - easy installation, quick operation, reliable results (I did a comparison to other product's results).

Saro 2010-12-05 15:14:56 #
Version: 2.02

The software was really useful, and helpful. Good job.

Leegwann 2010-11-21 15:55:31 #
Version: 2.02

This software is does a nice job. It is the quickest checksum calculator I have used yet. And it is versatile (different kinds of checksums).
What else ? It would be nice if it could be called from the explorer context menu and calculate from the selected file.

Othermail1000 2010-10-30 12:41:35 #
Version: 2.02

good & fast program

Aaguilar 2010-08-31 15:58:03 #
Version: 2.02

It works! But I think I need a command line/batch version of the utility.

Crucop 2010-07-16 06:09:39 #
Version: 2.02

Used a few times. Easy interface. Does what I need it to. Nice program.

Jacobs Andrew 2010-07-14 07:27:49 #
Version: 2.02

fast and easy to use. I like the ability to hash a text string.

Kpmv 2010-06-10 21:51:49 #
Version: 2.02

i like the software very much,and i have a suggestion.
it needs several minutes to caculate a big file.
in the process of caculating,the software seems like halted(no response), so i wish you add a progress bar to the software to illustrate the software is not halted but working hard
(English is not my mother tongue :))

Tom 2010-05-01 06:54:24 #
Version: 2.02

Too complex - for the level of help - Needs a much improved help system.

Should have windows 7 version as well

Vilieross 2010-02-27 04:04:27 #
Version: 2.02

HashCalc would be better if it had a progress indicator when calculating the hash. It should also have a copy and compare the hash function.

Petr Nosal 2009-08-26 10:38:29 #
Version: 2.02

Great program. Very helpful. Thanks!

Marcio Miyabukuro 2009-07-29 07:11:14 #
Version: 2.02

Very easy to use and works really well.

Captain 2009-07-23 15:11:24 #
Version: 2.02

The software is quick and easy to use.

The only missing feature that I need is to have the output in other encoding systems, like base64.

Hashcalcspam 2009-07-19 18:05:08 #
Version: 2.02

very nice tool that works as described. quite handy when trying to get SHA-256 chksums instead of traditional MD5.

Hummdis 2009-06-12 23:31:00 #
Version: 2.02

This is the best hash calculation software I've found for Windows! By getting this utility, I just removed four apps that I no longer have use for!

Thank you for making such a great product and keep up the good work!

Babu Srinivasan 2009-06-07 02:46:51 #
Version: 2.02

It is a useful tool for computing hashes and hmac. Easy to use interface. Thanks for providing this application.

Pringme1943 2009-05-14 19:39:18 #
Version: 2.02

Works great easy to use!

Gareth Ladd 2009-05-05 06:18:24 #
Version: 2.02

User interface is simple, dispite a complex-looking screenshot. It's fast and accurate. A good little GUI utility.

Would be great if it was command line driven too.

Danswiger 2009-04-01 09:59:25 #
Version: 2.02

I was looking for a simple, 8-bit additive checksum on a file, but HashCalc 2.02 did not appear to provide it.

Samuel_lee_1991 2009-01-02 02:04:19 #
Version: 2.02

Good freeware

I have nothing bad to say about this software. It has multiple checksum to calculate.

Pk 2008-11-11 06:57:47 #
Version: 2.02

Great Calc

I needed to find the checksum for a sha256 file. This is an easy to download, install and use calculator. Great stuff!

JasFras 2008-08-01 16:00:21 #
Version: 2.02

HashCalc is small but perfectly formed.

HashCalc does what its name suggests, and does it quickly and efficiently.

Small and easy to install, HashCalc interface is simple, obvious and easy to understand for even the first time user. It quickly delivers a multitude of calculations in different formats and allows the user to chose which they want results in.

Erik 2008-05-09 16:49:36 #
Version: 2.02


Hashcalc is a nice little program and very easy to use. I like it to quickly compare values and even to reverse engineer values based on easy to guess names (you will be surprised how often easy to guess words are used to create a hash).

The program would even be better if it would not immediately clear the computed hashe as soon as you type in a new value, but if the program would only clean the compute values when you press the button for a new calculation.

Xen__ 2007-08-22 11:48:27 #
Version: 2.02

Only lacks shell integration

Excellent tool for calculating checksum values of any kind.
Supports drag & drop of files.
It only lacks shell integration (like, right click file, choose "calculate checksum with HashCalc") which would be trivial to add. I'm sure the windows call needed for it is documented.

mojojojo_1 2007-07-17 17:30:12 #
Version: 2.02


No more need to display code on a separate notepad file.

reply00234 2007-06-26 08:50:32 #
Version: 2.02

Looks good

I did not see the price though in your advertisement. Is this trialware?

Author's Response:
HashCalc is a free product.

Download Now
File Size: 468 Kb